Friday, June 27, 2014

Too many books

I shouldn't be surprised that SFPL stocks their shelves with great books. What would be the point if they didn't? I continue to be impressed with the books I "randomly" select to read to my daughter. Here's the list of books we particularly loved that I am planning to return today:

Sophie's Fish by A.E. Cannon: This is a cute story about a little boy who is worried about babysitting a friend's pet fish. The artwork is really cool.

Princess Smartypants by Babette Cole: I'm a sucker for anti-traditional fairy tales.

All by Myself by Geraldine Collet and Coralie Saudo: My daughter loves this story about little chicks waiting and worrying about their mom. I love the artwork.

Benjamin and Bumper to the Rescue by Molly Coxe: My daughter loves that this book is about a child rescuing her mother, and I think the story is so sweet. The "bad guy" is cared for into acceptable behavior. The pictures are artfully composed photographs of toys, and I get a kick out of imagining the photo shoots with the artist tweeking little dolls to look just right.

Diary of a Fly by Doreen Cronin: ...and so it begins: I learned a lot from this book about the lifecycle of a fly. I thought it would be yucky and technical, but it's super cute.

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