Tuesday, July 30, 2013


San Francisco has a lot of advocacy organizations. We have active, engaged people who know how the use the internet. I started Urban Family to express my family values, in hopes that others share them, in hopes of growing the movement.

Commitment to our values:
  • Public schools
  • Transportation by bike, foot, and/or public transit
  • Organic, locally-produced food
  • Beautiful, walkable neighborhoods: walk to shops and playgrounds
  • Relationship building through in-person communication (no screens or wires required)
  • Creative expression: music, dance, theater, art...
  • Diverse family structures: it takes love to raise a child not a specific gender or number of people.
  • Balanced living: working, parenting, sleeping, eating, socializing, and doing whatever you need to do to feel like yourself
  • Conscious consumption and no waste 
  • Flexible work schedules and self-employment 
  • Affordable housing and promoting home ownership
This is a work in progress. If these thoughts resonate, don't hesitate to submit your comments on how to articulate them better.

Blog posts will include:
  • time management techniques
  • parenting quandries
  • resources for childcare, enrichment classes, etc.
  • meal plans
  • advocacy on relevant issues 
  • financial strategies